It is natural that, in addition to other duties, you can not immediately and professionally respond to any changes in the laws that affect you. The Professional and Professional Team of the Law Office SLAMKA & Partners offers services of a responsible person under the GDPR. Applying new privacy rules places high personal and time demands on private companies, businesses, public authorities, operators and intermediaries. Expertise and independence are therefore conditions that are key to the performance of the responsible person. By delegating your personal data protection responsibilities to SLAMKA & Partners, you get a professional partner with years of experience for which speed, quality and discretion are the attributes of work.

The services of the responsible person in AK SLAMKA & Partners will be:

  • professional and professional team,
  • years of experience with comprehensive legal advice,
  • a background of a law firm with branches in four Slovak towns and territories throughout Slovakia,
  • comprehensive consultancy with the introduction of GDPR in your company (analysis of current status, draft changes, preparation of documentation, solutions to meet procedural and technical requirements, etc.)
  • monitoring of legislative changes in the field of personal data protection,
  • training of persons who come into contact with personal data,
  • regular audits of the conditions imposed by GDPR,
  • communication, cooperation and representation before the supervisory authority – the Office for the Protection of Personal Data,
  • other activities according to your wishes.

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